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Young G Freezy is from Ontario Canada. He is part of Sony Music and Apple Music and has over 70 thousand tracks under various stage names including Killuminati . He works heavily with the Electronica Rap genre. and Remixed tracks with Death Row Records Veterans. He has released 143 studio albums. He has a Spotify Radio Station.  Apple iTunes,Spotify,Deezer, Youtube Music and various others. His streaming numbers exceed 3 million and he has works available on United Masters, Distrokid and Novecore and Music Royalty Exchange and Socan with alternative Rap available on Reverb Nation.



"Young G Freezy has vocals that are    
like futuristic sounds" - MixMagazine
Young G Freezy's DatPiff Links for DJ Young G Freezy
Young G Freezy Signs to Apple Music and iTunes
Young G Freezy Signs Record Deal With Sony
Hip Hop Artist Young G Freezy's Skull Logo
Young G Freezy's YGF Logo
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